Warm Swimming Pool with Solar Heat Panels and heat Pumps

In case it wasn’t obvious, the seasons are changing and your warm swimming pool is about to get very chilly! No one likes a cold winter swim, so your pool will purely be for show. But it doesn’t have to be. With Hi Temp you can extend those summer days.


Contrary to common belief, there is enough solar energy, even in cold area, to warm your pool to summer levels. There may be short period during inclement weather when the pool water becomes cooler; however, several sunny days will return the pool back to a comfortable temperature. We have a range of heating solutions available to you. Here’s what you need to know:



Hi Temp Solar panels (made of durable and hard-wearing HDPE) are fitted to the roof. Water from the pool is channeled through the panels and is heated by the sun’s rays. The water is then returned to the pool by the existing pool pump.

With such an efficient system temperatures between 22º C and 41º C are achieved. This system not only absorbs heat directly from the sun, but absorbs heat by conduction from your roof. In effect, the roof becomes part of the solar system helping to warm your swimming pool.



A Hi Temp solar blanket heats by day and insulates at night. If left on when the pool is not in use during the day, the blanket allows the sun’s rays to pass through the bubbles to heat the pool water during the day. At night, the bubbles act as an insulator minimising heat loss.



These units are essentially air conditioners that run in reverse. Instead of removing the heat from inside a house and dumping it outside, heat is removed from the outside air and transferred to the swimming pool water via an exchange mechanism. “Air Source” Heat Pumps utilise the sun’s free heat by collecting and absorbing energy from the outside air. This energy is then compressed and transferred to the pool water.


To keep your swimming pool warm this winter, contact our team today. Let us help you lock in that heat!