A Hi Temp solar blanket heats by day and insulates at night. If left on when the pool is not in use during the day, the blanket allows the sun’s rays to pass through the bubbles to heat the pool water during the day. At night, the bubbles act as an insulator minimizing heat loss.

Hi Temp Solid PVC material / Aluminium Batton Type Cover

Over the past two decades we have been installing various types of pool covers. The largest complaint being ‘its a hassle’ to take off and put back the cover.

I recall when my children could not swim we had to have a safety net fitted. This was a huge mission to take off let alone put back. Lining up the eyelets was a tedious task. We often chose not to use the pool because of this.

Fortunately with development of newer technology the worldwide trend is to change pool nets and floating bubble blankets with the PVC SOLID COVER using aluminum battons and ratchets to strengthen and secure the cover in position.

This simple technology means that you can remove the cover within a minute and replace securely in position in also less than a minute. The PVC material is the same material used for inflatable rescue boats so its strong and durable. The aluminium battons assist to reinforce the entire structure which make the overall appearance aesthetically pleasing. Easy ratchet clips allow tightening of the cover a breeze. Each cover has drainage holes strategically punch out so that when there is rain water simply drains back into the swimming pool.