loadshedding in south africa

Once again, we’re riding that loadshedding train into darkness. With multiple outages over the last few weeks, and even experiencing stage 4 outages, it’s beyond frustrating. Working is an issue. Preparing dinner is an issue. Bathing children at night is an issue. Being able to relax and watch TV is an issue. But it doesn’t have to be.


At Hi Temp, we have the perfect solution for you and your household. With our affordable back-up electricity solutions, you can say goodbye to the darkness and load shedding. You can choose either a 700watt inverter or a 2000watt inverter which will power your TV, WiFi router, DSTV decoder and lamp for hours.


Now you can continue to be the light on the hill when everyone around you is in darkness. Continue watching Netflix or Formula 1 with little to no interruption. Our inverters are not only lightweight and portable, but they are also quiet and efficient. Mixed with the affordability aspect of an inverter, it really is a great asset to have in your home. Loadshedding in South Africa? Forget that phrase. 


For more information about our affordable inverter options, visit www.wattpowercrisis.co.za or contact our team at Hi Temp today. We have a wide range of solutions available for you and our experienced team cannot wait to hear from you. Don’t get caught out before you’ve made a plan. It will be the best decision you make today. Say goodbye to loadshedding for good!


We have partnered with The Miracle Meal in helping local communities and churches.
Visit www.themiraclemeal.co.za to find out more.