loadshedding inverter south africa

Hi Temp and Home Technologies offer backup power and electricity solutions to ensure that you aren’t affected by load shedding. Don’t let Eskom get in between what you want most – power! Stay connected and continue using your most important appliances and devices.

The Heavy Duty 4kW OPIC4040S Backup Power System for home or business is the ideal solution to reliable, instant power during power outages and load shedding.

System Includes

  • 4kW heavy duty inverter with built-in charger 
  • 4 x 12V 180Ah batteries
  • 8-Way battery cabinet
  • Changeover switch
  • All cables, trunking and fuses
  • * Installation within 50km of our offices. Installation price may change depending on proximity of DB board to location of backup power unit.

Ensure continuity of operation in Homes and Businesses during power outages with an inverter backup power system. Power lights, fridges and freezers, security and access systems, as well as internet, computers and televisions. Plus so much more. No noise, no fuel, no fuss. 100% automatic operation.

We have partnered with The Miracle Meal in helping local communities and churches. Visit www.themiraclemeal.co.za to find out more.