hi temp south africa heated swimming pool

It’s time to do a hop, jump an­d a SPRING ­into a warm and welcoming swimming pool. Be confident in knowing that every moment spent in your pool is an inviting one. You can guarantee amazing temperature every time you use your pool. All thanks to our solar heat panels.


At Hi Temp South Africa, we specialise in high-density heat panels and heat pumps. Our heat panels help to warm your swimming pool using solar energy produced by the sun. This means that you can enjoy endless hours of time in your swimming pool without worrying about your water being too cold.


Take a deep dive into our website and find the right solar solutions for you. Whether you want the best heat panels or heat pumps installed, or you plan to do it yourself. Perhaps you want a solar pool blanket. Maybe you want a combination of options. Either way, you can personalise the pool heating solutions that work best for you.


To find out more about our full range of products available at Hi Temp South Africa, click here. We also have offices in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Plus, we distribute across South Africa for your convenience. 


To speak to one of our specialised team members, contact us today. Enjoy endless summer fun with your heated swimming pool. 

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