Titanium Heat Pump South Africa

If you are looking to install a heat pump for your swimming pool, look no further. With almost 2 decades of experience, you can trust that Hi Temp has your best interests at heart. Whether you’re looking to extend those warm summer days, or you want extra use during winter; we can help with it all.

For those who enjoy swimming regardless of the weather, a Hi Temp Titanium Heat Pump is the best option available. It is also the preferred method for therapy or athletic trainers. Plus, it is also helpful when a home is not “solar feasible”, where solar panels won’t fit on the roof.

A Hi Temp Titanium Heat Pump, when properly sized, can maintain any desired pool temperature between 28 and 35 degrees centigrade, regardless of outside weather conditions. And, it can work regardless of the outside temperature which is an added bonus.

Due to their high efficiency, Hi Temp Titanium Heat Pumps have a low cost of operation. Typically, for every 20 cents of electric input, you receive R1.00 worth of heat.



  • Heat water to your preferred temperature-set & go
  • Latest technology that is built to last
  • Easy to control LED display which can be installed on the unit or remote for easy access
  • 50mm standard coupling connections for easy installation
  • Silent and easy to operate
  • Very competitively priced – great value for money


For more information about our pool heating options available to you, contact us today. This includes heat pumps, solar heat panels and solar blankets, plus so much more. We can’t wait to hear from you.