Solar Heating Panels South Africa

It really is a privilege to be able to enjoy South African summer holidays, and with Hi Temp’s solar heating panels, you can enjoy them even longer!

Who wouldn’t love endless days by the pool? We’re talking about cocktails and tanning; braai’s that last the whole day and cool refreshing dips in the pool. Summer dreams can come true! At Hi Temp South Africa, we have over 20 years’ experience in the pool heating business, and our solar panels are a must this summer.

You can enjoy between 22º C and 41º C using solar heat panels to heat your pool. With the addition of a solar pool blanket, you can retain this heat for days on end.


  • No moisture build-up under collectors that could cause premature roof deterioration
  • Hi temp’s unique design virtually eliminates wind load, making it ideal for windy provinces
  • Collector is easy to install and operate
  • Repairs can easily be done on site
  • 12 year warranty

To find out more about all the solar pool heating options available at Hi Temp, contact us today. Whether you are looking to buy the panels yourself and make it a DIY project, or you need some help from the professionals. We can assist with it all.

We look forward to hearing from you and making this your best summer yet!