Solar Pool Heating Solutions

Beautiful summer days are just around the corner which means that we can finally start seeing our solar pool heating in action. And while the last couple of weeks have had colder days than normal, solar power has still been hard at work. In fact, some pools were still reaching mid to high 20’s during these colder days. That’s because even through the clouds, the sun’s rays still penetrate through and heat your pool. How amazing is that?


At Hi Temp, we don’t just stop there. We offer solar pool blankets and additional pool heating options to make sure that you can enjoy endless summer days, even when the weather is awful. So, we say it again, “Let’s RAYS A Hallelujah” because Hi Temp has your solar pool heating needs taken care of.


We have made it really simple for you to get in touch too. You can visit our website, or contact our team below. Plus, we have DIY options available too, for those budding handymen who can do it all. All you need to do is measure out the size of your pool and do the simple calculations on our website. It’s that easy!


  • Zelda Van Rensburg (Sales) +27 76 811-0683
  • Sharad Thaker (Sales) +27 76 923-0822
  • Fozia Vardiah (Sales & Support) +27 83 658-7812
  • Claire Badenhorst (Accounts & Administration) +27 84 555-7227
  • Meloshinee Moodley (Office Assistant) +27 84 616-5005


We can’t wait to help you sort your solar pool heating out ASAP. Contact us today, you’ll be singing Hallelujah with us!