Hi Temp Solar Pool Heating

Make the most of your investment!

Advantages of Hi Temp Solar Heating Panels

  • No moisture build-up under collectors that could cause premature roof deterioration.
  • Hi Temp‘s unique design virtually eliminates wind load, making it ideal for windy provinces.
  • Collector is easy to install and operate.
  • Repairs can easily be done on-site.
  • 12 Year warranty

How Does It Work?

With Hi Temp solar heating your pool can be used for eight months, or more, of the year. With Hi Temp SOLAR and energy from the sun, you can use your pool August through May. Solar heating is now so affordable from Hi Temp, and still the value of your house escalates with this feature installed. The installation takes less than one day. No mess, no fuss, no people walking through your house. Hi Temp Solar panels (made of durable and hard-wearing HDPE) are fitted to the roof. Water from the pool is channeled through the panels and is heated by the sun’s rays. The water is then returned to the pool by the existing pool pump. With such an efficient system temperatures between 22º C and 41º C are achieved. This system not only absorbs heat directly from the sun, but absorbs heat by conduction from your roof. In effect, the roof becomes part of the solar system.

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